sâmbătă, 8 august 2009

Thunder Trip Under Grip

Things done well and with a care, exempt themselves from fear.” — William Shakespeare 

Listing the development stages of a meth-trip experienced solely for personal research purpose and exclusively intended as corroborative evidence of metamphetamine effects does not imply endorsement!

"In the philosophy of science of Karl Popper there is no definable measure of the extent to which evidence confirms a hypothesis (see confirmation theory). Instead, hypotheses face the tribunal of experience by surviving efforts to falsify them. The degree of corroboration of a hypothesis by evidence is then a function of the stringency of the test the evidence provides, and hence a measure of the success of the hypothesis in surviving it. Critics have complained that corroboration in this sense is an empty notion, since it provides no reason to trust the hypothesis on any future occasion (see falsifiability, verisimilitude)."
Soo ... AGAIN! This post is NOT an endorsement for 
the USE or ABUSE of dangerous drugs! 
[ March 6-th, 1993. Now.  Let's see if i'll manage to build a clear trip report while keeping my shit together. About six hours ago I tried methamphetamine for the first time. This is my trip report describing its effects.
I'm not a big stimulant user by any means. The only stimulants I've tried are methylphenidate a couple of times, cocaine max a dozen of times (both great & awful!) and MDMA twice, if one considers this a stimulant  used to treat ADHD  (I don't; or at least I no longer did after this). OK. I got my hands on some supposedly very pure methamphetamine. It came in crystals about 0.5-1 cm in length. I wasn't sure if it contained impurities so I performed an acid/base extraction on them and recrystallized them from IPA. There was no loss in weight except for what was lost in the filter so it was quite clean to start with. I weighed up 15 mg using a 2 mg scale (added powder until the display alternated between 14 and 16 mg). The crystals were crushed with a piece of cigarette paper on top of them and a lighter used for grinding. When I had obtained a fine powder I lined up the dose in a ~6 cm line.
16:25 - I snorted the whole line in one nostril all at once. For about 20 seconds after this my nose felt like it had snorted broken glass! It hurt really bad, moreso than anything I had snorted before - even more than snorting crushed up ecstasy pills. This pain subsided and after 30 seconds it was bearable, one minute after it was completely gone. I put on some music and went outside to smoke a cigarette.
16:35 - I began noticing effects. I was a bit light headed and felt more energetic and my mood had been raised a bit.
16:45 - Now the effects were very obvious. I felt euphoric similar to that of a light dose of MDMA but a lot more energetic. I started cleaning up the kitchen and living room because they were a mess. It was actually somewhat enjoyable cleaning up while listening to music. The impending clean-up had bothered me a bit and I had a hard time getting myself to do it so it was nice to finally get it done. I went out to smoke another cigarette and it was lovely. I was thinking about all the things I would do today.
17:30 - The effects were at their highest now. I was in my bed listening to trance while texting my brother and a friend about the effects. I filled out a message with over 800 character rather quickly and it took forever to send. I came to the conclusion that the best way to characterize the feeling was the euphoria of a light dose of MDMA, perhaps 80 mg, more energy and more of a need to do something active.
17:55 - Up until now the effects had been as they were 25 minutes ago as was described in the above paragraph but just now I rounded the peak and was starting to come down a bit. I feel that it's always saddening to be coming down but after about 5 minutes of getting accustomed to the new level of euphoria (it certainly hadn't subsided completely) I continued my activities of the day. The euphoria was noticeably lighter but I was still quite happy and especially energetic.
19:25 - About three hours past ingestion I started to come down almost completely I think. A light depression followed - a bit like coming down from MDMA. This lasted, with varying intensity - although never exceeeding 'light', for about an hour.
20:25 - I decided to drink a beer and have a cigarette and after doing this and focusing on feeling the light depressive state it slowly vanished (over the course of an hour or so). My mood was slightly lower than it would have been without taking the meth but nothing compared to the day after MDMA use.
22:40 - This is now. I'm sitting at my computer typing this trip report. I feel pretty normal actually. My heart is beating a bit faster than normal and there is still residual stimulation left, I don't think I could fall asleep now. My motivation level seems about the same as any other evening and I'm actually surprised the comedown didn't hit me harder. I sort of expected the light depressive feeling to increase in intensity but instead it vanished.
All in all I would say it was a pleasant experience. I think the extremely bearable comedown was because of the relatively low dose I took. I must say that this experience carried the least negative comedown of any of the 'harder' drugs I've tried (MDMA, methylphenidate, cocaine and various opiates - I'm comparing this comedown to the immediate comedown following MDMA, methylphenidate and cocaine and the 'comedown' I experience from opiates which usually starts 24 hours after ingestion). I'm aware that the experience probably wouldn't be the same if I took it again tomorrow as my dopamine and serotonin levels and supplies probably aren't what they would be after being sober for several weeks (which, not including alcohol and three small joints, I was before this). I'm fairly sure that if I had dosed higher than 15 mg or if I had redosed, the comedown would be much worse so I'm glad I didn't do this. ]