duminică, 26 august 2012

Décomposition de Précis - Xiron Xin Marian

" A veces mis pequeños demonios, me pregunto:
... "¿Por qué insistir en que se presente?" ... 
Puedo ver la sorpresa, oculto en los ojos de fuego. Y estoy sonriendo como un padre educado. 
Mis demonios siguen siendo sorprendido, y yo 
... simplemente decir: Aqui. "
 – Ravenis Kalikanzaros 

“ I’d like to see All Art Form Popping as an equivalent number of cheap soap bubbles, for real, so suddenly that we’ll have to let a time volume to engulf us in order to get straight the point, to feel the noisy silence of our empty surroundings, to feel, every single one of us, that we dilate on the edge of exploding due to our own inner emptiness, more, more, Moooore, so much that we would KNOW much more than our certified incoming Death, the horrible MISS of THIS something being THE Nec Plus Ultra of ALL our Lives: ART. And THEN, only then, We, The … bipeds, we will have The Right to organically feel the Ultimate URGE in gaining AGAIN the Huge Honor to Reinvent and Have Upon us ART, ART, ART, ART, ART… ART… No Matter What!!!  -
    Kalikanzaros Chtonogenetou 

[ "Anabasis Kalikanzaros" by XXM ]

{ Temudjin Borkchu: 

" - That Xiron is A Damn Bastard! 
Someone who stold my mind and a third one's body 
to do Baaad-BAD Things to Inocently Smiling Gurlz!
 ...Who Am I ? I don't know...he stold my mind...! " ]

Xiron Xin Marian: 

"Bullshit... I don't own a house, a home, not even a room, therefore I don't have to be polite; Im kind to Nothing, I luv'it literally - being forever unfractured warmly intrigued about it; as a trickster Im always pissing on the very roots & foundations of Any kind of wall, as a kalikanzaroi I straightly try to put'em down physically; strangulation is good exclusively in creative sex; sufferance is essential as a counterpart of the "mighty" self; i like to fear publicly; loathing can sometime be my second nature only if redirected toward myself; I do not know what is that "civilization"; I LUUUUV Solitude; I can't say I have enough friends in order to understand the need to hate'em; I equally LUUUUV to give anyone the God Given Right to became my enemy; I don't go to church, mosque or temple - I try to build those inside people souls; I don't give a fuck about those resembling me; I've never been zoon politikon - why starting now (or ever as a matter of fact). So YES I Do: I Do Understand You...and I wonder... what I would'it be IF by laxitude I would'it build such walls." 

[ "Anabasis Kalikanzaros" by XXM ]

 Xiron Xin: 

" - As flesh I am weak; as spirit I am weak; Then ... What am I ? I am human. Therefore, my doubt is the very point where i can wash away my soul's dark joints and rise as a balanced vessel of a new step in my becoming. But Even Doubt Doubt Me. Doubt is My Stranger, My Hunger, My Bread, My Oblivion. Doubt means My Lord, My Tyrant, My Saviour, My Murderer, My Child."  …

" - Sincer... Nu am cum să-mi fiu Lumină; necum luminător. Dar Voi sunteţi. 
TOTI îmi sunteţi! Fiecare cumva, cândva, câtva, în varii momente când simt nevoia să decrochez, să decolez, să-mi iau câmpii, lumea în cap şi capul în traistă, momente de însingurare când evit de justesse OD'ul, Autodafe'ul şi Perigeul existenţei mele asa cum o ştiu, sau o ştii, sau o ştie cine, cum, cât o ştie, momentele ACELEA numai ale mele pentru că mi se intamplă mie ca o orgie de minuscule glisaje personale, momentele de gânduri, stări, zile, nopţi, nedormite, nemolcomite, nealduite de puţină hodină, un bob zăbavă, un fir de blândeţe, momentele când simt nevoia să-mi iau TOT ce mi-aş putea lua, doar pentru a mă opri o secundă din cavalcadă. Pentru prezenţa celor care işi fac loc în gandurile şi haosul meu fracturând fiecare în felul său hulpava mea sălbăticie. Pentru Asta.Vă Mulţumesc Umil Fiecăruia În Parte şi Deopotrivă Tuturor. Tot sincer, habar n-am când apare, când dispare, cât ţine tipul ăsta de umilinţă. E atavic ludică doar tristeţea blândă cu care o descoper între zone reacţionale non-referenţiale atinse deopotrivă de atavicul ludic şi tristeţea blândeţii. "

- One of  THEM insert in “Anabasis Kalikanzaros”
14 May at 04:16 


Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings 
where we had shoulders smooth as raven's claws. 
No more money, no more fancy dress 

This other kingdom seems by far 

the best until it's other jaw 
reveals incest and loose 
obedience to a vegetable 
law. I will not go.
Prefer a Feast of Friends.