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2011 Arnold Sports Festival: Top 3 Women's - Alina Popa

Alina Popa

Alina Popa – Zurich, Switzerland. 5-6, 163 pounds.

Romanian-born Alina Popa brings to the bodybuilding stage what the European judging community refers to as ‘ideal harmony’. And when Popa made her pro debut at last year’s Ms. International, she left everyone understanding exactly what that meant. Her eighth-place finish at the 2010 Ms. International notwithstanding, Alina Popa possesses an idyllic level of muscular proportion and genetic gifts that make her a certifiable future star – and perhaps sooner, rather than later.

Competing sparingly to make what she feels are the necessary changes to craft the best possible physique, Popa – who is still relatively young in her early 30’s - won the heavyweight and overall 2008 IFBB World Amateur Championship titles.

Before moving to Switzerland, Popa won the Romanian National title in 2003 and was a silver medalist at the 2004 IFBB European Championships. If the post-contest buzz at last year’s Ms. International is any indication as to her potential at an event of this prestige, Alina Popa can quickly become a much more familiar name among the top finishers.

Alina Popa de fredd2220

Alina Popa de fredd2220

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